Thursday 28 November 2013

Lync Centralised Logging Error

This is a real quick fix post and more of a note to remind myself than anything else.

I was working on a support case for a customer for Lync 2013 and noticed they were not using the centralised logging feature which is a really nice feature to use when you have multiple servers in the environment.  I am the first to admit that I still jump in to OCSLogger when I'm after a quick trace for a specific issue but the new centralised logging is very helpful and eases the pain of multiple logging sessions.

To get back to the point of the post, I was trying to enable the "AlwaysOn" scenario using the PowerShell command: 'Start-CsClsLogging -Scenario "AlwaysOn" -Pools mypool.mydomain'.

When running this command I was getting an error 20000, Unknown Error.  This had me baffled for a few minutes as this was an error I've not seen before.  Nothing much comes up in a web search for this and then I remembered that I hadn't started PowerShell as an Administrator.

Run PowerShell in administrative mode and voila, the scenario starts and all is good.  So just remember that 'some' tasks in Lync require this elevated Powershell prompt to succeed and if you receive a somewhat generic error, it 'could' be related to this.

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